Transflash - SecureDigital adapter
(Micro-SecureDigital - SecureDigital Adapter)
(MicroSD - SD Adapter)
(TF-SD Adapter)


Many names for the same "device": a purely electric pin-to-pin adapter allows connecting any ScureDigital-like memory card to devices designed for Transflash (aka MicroSD or Micro-SecureDigital).


This is another kind of adapter: it only uses a TFLASH-shaped Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and a flat cable, directly connected to a Reduced Size MultiMedia Card (RS-MMC):

With this kind of adapter you don't need to bring anything out of your phone, as being the RS-MMC slightly bigger than a standard SIM, it can be placed over the SIM itself, UNDER the battery, as depicted in this picture:

For further details about this kind of adapter see this page.

The creators

After months of posting in forums PlanetMobile  and, users Allanon, Scenicmoto, Massa84, Raziel1984, Zapping , Jumpjack and some others eventually succeeded in building this adpater, which allows using cheaper & bigger SD and MMC  rather than MicroSD (transflash) on Motorola a1000 phone. These pages  mostly describe Scenicmoto's adapter, which at this moment appears to be the only one still bringing up the research&development and to give it out to any people asking for it: just leave a message in this fourm, and wait until Scenicmoto will have a bit of spare time...

Take a look at the TF-SD adapter evolution since early prototypes.

Where can I buy it?
At this moment you can onlly obtain it sending a private message to Scenicmoto or leaving a public message in this forum.

Do it by yourself: pinouts of memory cards

After some tests we can say that hot-swapping is not recommended: you must turn off the a1000 before extracting/inserting the memory card, although some people say that hot-plugging does not break up the phone.

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